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Face lift Surgery

A facelift is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your appearance. It is a surgical procedure that is used to resolve the tell tale signs of aging such as: droopiness of the jaw, neck, and lower face.

If you're looking for a facelift in Washington DC, our Chevy Chase office has been serving patients for over a decade. Our patients consistently state the procedure performed by Dr. Feledy is the best facelift in Washington DC.

“Coming to see Dr. Feledy for a facelift changed my life. I think I look 10 years younger. The care and explanations he gave me about the procedure were so thorough. It was truly a life changing experience.” - B.R.*

Face lift FAQs

1) What is a facelift?

What is commonly known as a facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed to address the results of aging in the face. It removes facial wrinkles, sagging skin, fatty deposits and other visible signs of aging. Some common reasons for a facelift is to help resolve:

  • Sagging jowls
  • Excess skin in the lower face
  • Folds of skin on the neck
  • Loose underlying tissues on the lower face

2) Why you may want a facelift:

Optimal results from a facelift can create a change in your appearance which may cause you to look more than ten years younger leading to an improved quality of life and self-confidence. It is not uncommon for a facelift to be combined with brow lift and eyelid surgery. These can be performed simultaneously for even better results. Washington DC plastic surgeon, Dr. Jules Feledy, has more than 20 years of experience performing facelift surgery Washington DC area patients routinely praise.

3) Are you a good candidate for a facelift?

Most candidates for facelift surgery are between 40 and 60 years old with good skin elasticity. If you're considering this procedure, you should be a healthy non-smoker. Notify Dr. Feledy if you have high blood pressure, blood-clotting issues, or tend to form excessive scars. It is also important to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure.  

4) Is the facelift surgery safe and are there any side effects?

All surgeries carry some risk of complications that can be minimized by a qualified surgeon. The risks associated with facelift surgery include injury to the facial nerves, infection, bleeding, and excessive scarring. All efforts are taken to ensure any risks are mitigated. Be sure to ask Dr. Feledy about these risks during your consultation.

5) What happens during the facelift surgery?

Receiving a facelift surgery can take several hours and usually requires general anesthetic. While patients can normally return home after the procedure, a short inpatient stay may be necessary in some instances. For most facelift procedures, Dr. Feledy makes an incision in front of the ear and extending to the hairline. After separating the skin from the underlying tissues, he removes and reshapes excess skin and tissue. The remaining skin is then sutured together.

6) What happens after the surgery?

Your recovery will likely take between 10-14 days, although some patients need up to three weeks. During this time, you will need to get plenty of rest and limit your activity. Swelling, numbness, tenderness, and a feeling of tightness are common but will subside over time. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for six weeks and exposure to the sun for several months.

7) What results can I expect from a facelift?

Facelift surgery cannot fundamentally change your appearance and will not stop the forces of aging or gravity. The result you want will be discussed with Dr. Feledy in your consultation before receiving the procedure. Incisions are strategically placed so that any scarring that may occur will not normally be visible.

If you are looking for the best facelift Washington DC has available, come get more information on how you can get it by contacting Belmont Plastic Surgery and scheduling a consultation today.

What to expect in your consultation:

Facelift Surgeon Washington DC

If you have thought about getting a facelift, we recommend you come in for a consultation with Dr. Feledy in our Washington DC area office or Northern Virginia office located in Stafford. You can expect your initial consultation to take at least an hour. During your consultation, Dr. Feledy will:

  • Understand what you would like to achieve with a facelift
  • Conduct a thorough examination
  • Explain exactly what his recommendations are and why

The caring staff of Belmont Plastic Surgery will make sure that any questions you have about insurance and financing are answered completely.

Dr. Feledy will also be able to provide you with before and after photographs of his patients so you can looking at his earlier facelift work and see for yourself what to expect if he performs a surgery. It is important that you and Dr. Feledy agree on the cosmetic details of your surgery in order to obtain the results that you want.

Call us today and schedule your consultation with one of best Washington DC plastic surgeons, Dr. Jules Feledy, as ranked by Washingtonian magazine. Through over 20 years of practice, he has earned a reputation by performing an industry leading facelift Washington DC and Northern Virginia patients have consistently sought him out for.  

“The key to a successful facelift is finding out exactly what the patient wants, and really looking at all aspects of how to achieve this. I strive to perform an industry leading facelift Washington DC area patients can be thrilled with. I look forward to helping each new patient that walks in my doors." Dr. Jules Feledy

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