The Rise of Face and Neck Exercises

August 21, 2012 - By Dr. Jules Feledy

Rise of Facial Exercises

If you find someone in public, at the gym or walking downtown, winking or nodding at you, they’re not flirting with you – well, not necessarily. No, what you may be witnessing is someone performing face and neck exercises in order to keep their faces looking youthful.

Neck and facial muscle exercises are on track to becoming a fad, because of their reported effects on the youthfulness of your visage. Just don’t buy into the hype too quickly.

Can neck and facial exercises shave years off your face?

According to a report by The Toronto Star, there’s currently no scientific evidence to support the theory that sagging eyelids can be held at bay with exercising.

Muscles in your arms and legs, when sedentary or otherwise fall into disuse, can weaken and atrophy. Facial muscles are different, say medical experts. The muscles in your face are more spontaneous, and don’t weaken with lack of use. Plus, you’re using them throughout the day anyway, whether you’re aware or not. So going the extra mile to exercise them on purpose isn’t necessary.

There are some benefits to neck exercises, though. Exercising the neck can improve posture and relieve pain and tension. Also, using the “Shaker Technique,” a kind of “chin sit up,” can help tone and strengthen the skin under the chin, but only if done rigorously, and even then, the results will be subtle.

If all else fails, and you need those wrinkles gone and your skin firmer, Botox and other dermal fillers are available, and are minimally invasive. For a more permanent fix, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon to inquire about facelifts.

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