The Face Lift Over Time

September 4, 2013 - By Dr. Jules Feledy

The Face Lift Over Time

The face lift is the quintessential cosmetic surgery procedure, to the extent that the word “face lift” has come to mean the overhaul or renovation of any structure or program. Learn about how this procedure has changed and how it can change you.

Since its development at the turn of the century, countless men and women have had their faces transformed by this effective procedure. Over the years, the face lift procedure itself has seen many changes, as surgical techniques improve and new materials are developed.

One of the things that has made this procedure a cosmetic surgery standby is the absolutely crucial location of the treatment area. The face is often considered the most important area of the body, as it is the window through which all communication takes place. Adjustments to this area can have a dramatic impact on one’s image, self-confidence and overall appearance.

Another key feature of the face lift is its absolute flexibility. It can be customized completely to address the issues of concern for each patient. Rather than simply being a standard procedure that works better or worse for each person, the face lift can be targeted toward the issues of greatest need. Specialized techniques are used for each area, ensuring that the final results will meet each patient’s goals. If patients need less adjustment, smaller incisions can be used for decreased scarring.

If you are search of a balanced and rejuvenated facial appearance that appears natural and youthful, find out how a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you.

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