The Uni-breast: Why You May Need Breast Reconstruction After Breast Augmentation

August 28, 2013 - By Dr. Jules Feledy

Repairing Symmastia After Breast Implants

Uni-breast repair

Uni-Breast, You may not know it by name, but if your breast implants have move toward the middle of your chest following a breast augmentation, you may benefit from a breast surgery procedure known as Symmastia Repair.


Sometimes after a breast augmentation the implants may move too close together, causing the appearance of a single breast as opposed to two. This is called Symmastia. While it is a rare complication, it may occur in cases where larger implants are being used or when there is less tissue or fat or tissue covering the sternum if a proper board-certified plastic surgeon is not handling the surgery.

Symmastia can also exist as a congenital anomaly – a malformation of the body that has been present since birth. In this case, Symmastia may affect normal breast development and in both cases cause poor self-esteem.

Whether your Symmastia is a congenital anomaly or the result of a breast augmentation, Symmastia Repair is designed to fix the issue and help to normalize the appearance. To repair the condition, a trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon will have to reattach any fat or underlying skin tissue that may have been affected during surgery back to the breastbone. Permanent sutures may be required to hold the skin above the sternum in place. By doing so, you can effectively re-establish a proper amount of space between the breasts.

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