Why Winter is the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

When Summer comes back around again, and people start to put thought into slipping into bathing suits or sunning themselves for a nice tan, that’s when some start to consider undergoing some sort of cosmetic procedure, to look their finest on the beach. But there are a few reasons to start undergo such procedures far ahead of time, in Winter – long before anyone wants to even think about being outside in a bikini.

Recovery Time

It’s a harsh reality that most cosmetic surgical procedures, especially popular ones such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks, come with a fair share of recovery time after the fact. Such lengthy recovery times might stand as a barrier between a prospective patient and the results they desire. Winter is the optimum time to take the plunge, since most people are less active and stay inside more due to the inclement weather. This means there will be less external pressure for you to get out and about, since everyone wants to stay warm by the fire anyway.

Disguise Post-Surgery Garments

You don’t see many folks wandering around outside in a tank top and a pair of Daisy Duke’s this time of year, and are instead sporting lots of thick, cozy layers that cover most of the body. This could make it easier to conceal post-surgical compression garments (such as special bras or girdles), dressings or scars. It would also be more comfortable for you – no one wants to wear sweaters in July.

An Excuse for a “Staycation”

We all look forward to traveling on our vacations, but traveling can be stressful, too. Well, imagine that stress coupled with recovering from a facelift. Medical tourism may be trendy, but there are complications, such as follow-up with your surgeon after the fact, and travel-related stress prolonging recovery. Take this opportunity to take a “staycation,” or a vacation at home, when you’re less likely to travel due to weather and spending time with family. That way, your local plastic surgeon can easily follow through with you during your post-surgery recovery.

For more information on timing a cosmetic procedure, or any other inquires you may have, contact the offices of your plastic surgeon and book a consultation.