Hand Surgery is not something to be afraid of, however, many patients who are considering hand surgery have several concerns about the process. While these fears are a normal part of any surgery, patients can rest easy when it comes to opting for hand surgery.

Read more about the not-so-spooky hand surgery.

Hand surgery is a popular procedure for both hand rejuvenation as well as treating a wide range of physical conditions. While some people seek out the procedure to achieve more youthful-looking hands, many seek out hand surgery for correcting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or Dupuytren’s Contracture.

Surgery for any ailment can be very anxiety ridden. The anxiety may be amplified when it comes to procedures performed on something as important as your hands. Out of everything on your body you use in a day, your hands are at the top of the list. Much like the plastic surgeon who will perform your procedure, your hands are your link to what you do as a professional, as a pass time, and as a person.

There are several ways to combat your pre-surgery worries. Researching what will take place and what to expect can help ease your mind. Being well informed about anesthesia and the step-by-step process will also help with your concerns.

Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon you fully trust and feel compatible with is also essential. Knowing that the surgeon you have chosen to perform this procedure is qualified, experienced and compassionate can help dispel some of your fears. It is important to find a surgeon fully trained in microscopic surgery like Dr. Feledy. This ensures the successful transplantation of tissues in difficult reconstruction problems. Microscopic surgery may also be necessary during hand surgery for the optimal treatment of injured nerves and blood vessels.

Alleviating these pre-surgery stresses can also be as simple as reading a book, taking time for a massage, or even doing some around the house holiday decorating to get your mind off of the procedure.

Opting for surgery to better your situation makes you a strong and smart patient. Seeking information about your procedure is one of the many things you can do to make an appropriate decision for you. If you are considering hand surgery, click below to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon that is qualified to work with you.