Understanding Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Patients undergoing a mastectomy can turn to Dr. Feledy for a breast reconstruction procedure that will restore their feminine figure. The procedure is usually performed immediately after the breast has been removed, because we already have access to the chest area. Follow up procedures may be necessary and performed at an outpatient facility under local anesthesia. Many patients undergoing this procedure report a higher quality of life and feel more confident about their appearance.

Understanding Different Types of Breast Reconstruction

Patients undergoing this procedure may benefit from the tissue expansion technique or the flap reconstruction technique. Dr. Feledy can provide more information about each of these breast reconstruction techniques during your consultation.

The tissue expansion technique involves placing a balloon expander underneath the chest muscle, and filling the expander with a series of saline injections using a small valve. The balloon works to stretch the skin over the breast tissue to create a pocket for a breast implant. We can insert the implant directly into this pocket to create a very natural look.

The flap reconstruction technique involves creating a flap with tissue from other parts of the body, such as the shoulder or back. The flap is made of skin, muscle, and fat, which is placed beneath the skin of the chest so that it creates a small pocket for the breast implant. In some cases, we can use the natural tissues to mold a breast instead. This can be another attractive option for breast reconstruction patients who want more natural-looking results.

Restore Your Figure with Breast Reconstruction

Many patients feel better about their appearance after a breast reconstruction procedure because having a missing breast can cause a certain degree of self-consciousness. If you are missing a breast or have a deformed breast, you may find it difficult to find clothes that fit you properly or finding bras that mask the problem. Breast reconstruction surgery will restore your chest and balance out your figure. If you want to increase your breast size as well,Dr. Feledy may be able to perform a breast augmentation procedure with your reconstruction to increase your cup size and give you a more feminine figure.

Learn more about the benefits of breast reconstruction in Maryland and Virginia by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Feledy today.