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    Abdominoplasty Surgery

    An abdominoplasty, most commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, can remove loose and sagging skin or tissue from the abdomen. Dr. Feledy performs tummy tuck surgeries at his office in Washington DC and Chevy Chase using some of the most clinically advanced methods for tummy tuck surgery available.

    If you have protruding tissue in your midsection and desire a flatter tummy, you may be an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck.


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    ‘After my second kid, I discovered my stomach muscles had become separated. It had a lot of effects I didn’t expect like a weakened core so I had back pains and no matter how much I exercised, I couldn’t get rid of my little belly. This tummy tuck made me feel sexy again! The Belmont team are legends!’ – P.K.*


    Hear from a Patient:

    “Dr. Feledy, I am totally amazed with my Abdominoplasty! I can’t believe how great my abdomen looks and how beautiful my scar is. It is nice and low and you cannot notice it in a bikini. You have a wonderful skill and I am so lucky to have chosen you to be my surgeon. I will send my family and friends to you if they ever need a Plastic Surgeon. You were great throughout the entire process with such care and a great sense of humor! Thank you for my great look! Its amazing.” B.H.*

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    Schedule your consultation with Belmont Plastic Surgery in Washington DC today

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    About Having A Tummy Tuck in Washington, DC

    Losing a substantial amount of weight following bariatric surgery, pregnancy or due to the implementation of a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible diet and exercise regimen is definitely a step in the right direction; however, one of the downsides to excessive weight loss is that the skin across the abdomen usually becomes loose and begins to sag. Consequently, this sagging skin frequently causes individuals to feel self-conscious about the way they look, even after losing all that excess weight. The good news is that this excess, loose and sagging skin can be addressed with a full tummy tuck (aka abdominoplasty), a mini tummy tuck and liposuction. Dr. Jules Feledy is a top surgeon in Washington, DC, who performs plastic and reconstructive surgeries, including abdominoplasty procedures at his certified, state-of-the-art surgery center in Maryland.

    Who Should Consider Having a Tummy Tuck at Belmont Plastic Surgery Near Washington, DC?

    An abdominoplasty is the type of procedure that men and women can benefit from; therefore, anyone who has loose and/or excessive skin in their abdominal area may want to consider having Dr. Feledy perform an abdominoplasty with liposuction.

    Women who have birthed children should consider having an abdominoplasty with muscle tightening: During pregnancy, the growing uterus places pressure on the abdominal muscles and this pressure frequently causes the abdominal muscles to separate. During an abdominoplasty, Dr. Jules Feledy can bring these muscles together and tighten them.

    During a full tummy tuck, Dr. Feledy contours the midsection by removing excess fat and skin and by tightening abdominal muscles that have become lax or have separated. During a mini tummy tuck, Dr. Jules Feledy addresses excess skin and fat located below the navel (belly button). He can also pull the abdominal muscles together and tighten them.

    What Can an Abdominoplasty Near Washington, DC, Accomplish?

    An abdominoplasty is designed to provide the patient with a flatter, smoother and tighter abdomen.

    Common benefits of an abdominoplasty with Dr. Feledy include:

    • Tighter abdominal muscles.
    • The elimination of the stubborn abdominal fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.
    • The removal of loose skin on the abdomen.
    • A shapelier figure (due to the contouring of the waist line and abdomen).
    • Removal of stretch marks that are located beneath the navel.
    • When applicable, correction of abdominal hernias.
    • Improved self-confidence.
    • Swimwear and clothing fit nicer, which compliments the patient’s figure.

    What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

    Men and women who are having difficulty reducing a protruding stomach through diet and exercise, may be good candidates for a tummy tuck with Dr. Jules Feledy at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Washington, DC.

    For optimal abdominoplasty results, candidates should be at their desired weight and women should have no intentions of a future pregnancy.

    A good candidate for an abdominoplasty is someone who:

    • Has lost shape and tone in the abdomen due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, age, genetics and/or previous abdominal surgeries.
    • Has lost a substantial amount of weight.
    • Is now at a stable weight.
    • Is now at a stable weight.
    • Has no intention of becoming pregnant.
    • May have a collection of sagging tissue that hangs below the waist. This tissue is comprised of fat and skin (i.e., pannus).
    • Does not use products that contain nicotine (e.g., chewing tobacco, cigarettes, vaping, etc.).
    • Has realistic expectations.
    • Does not consume alcoholic beverages on a regular basis or participate in illicit drug use.
    • Is in good health with no medical conditions that could affect the healing process.

    A Mommy Makeover at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Near Washington, DC

    Women frequently combine tummy tuck procedures with breast procedures because Dr. Feledy can perform these during the same surgical session. When a woman decides to have an abdominoplasty with a breast augmentation and lift, or just a breast lift, this combination of procedures is referred to as a mommy makeover.

    A Tummy Tuck Consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery Near Washington, DC

    Dr. Jules Feledy is dedicated to assisting his patients with achieving the look they want by providing them with safe and appropriate procedures, as such, he and his medical staff are very thorough when collecting information from potential abdominoplasty patients during their initial consultations.

    Dr. Feledy wants to know what you would like to accomplish with a tummy tuck. He will also ask about your medical history, including any previous abdominal surgeries.

    If you take vitamins, herbal supplements and medications on a regular basis, please let Dr. Jules Feledy know. If you take several medications, please bring a list of them with you. Your list should include the name of the medication, the reason you take it, the dosage and the number of times you take it within a 24-hour time frame.

    If you have allergies to latex or any type of medication, please inform Dr. Feledy during this appointment.

    If you have had multiple surgeries, please add them to your medication list. When documenting your surgical procedures, please include the type of surgery, the reason for the surgery, the year the surgery was performed and whether you experienced any complications during or after the surgery.

    Dr. Jules Feledy needs to know what you would like your abdomen to look like after your tummy tuck. He will examine your abdomen: During this examination, Dr. Feledy will evaluate your abdominal muscles and discuss your plastic surgery options.

    Dr. Jules Feledy and his medical staff will:

    • Discuss the differences between the mini abdominoplasty and the full abdominoplasty with you, recommending the procedure he believes will serve you the best.
    • Outline how each of these tummy tuck procedure are performed.
    • Discuss what you should expect before, during and after your abdominoplasty.
    • Inform you of the potential risks and complications associated with abdominoplasty procedures.
    • Answer your questions.

    If you decide to move forward with a tummy tuck procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Washington, DC, you may receive detailed pre-op and post-op instructions. In addition, if Dr. Feledy would like you to have any lab tests prior to your abdominoplasty, he may order them at this time. Following the instructions provided to you will help ensure you have a relatively uneventful recovery.

    Preparing for Your Abdominoplasty: What You Need to Know

    Prior to your tummy tuck procedure, you need to have all your lab tests completed. Be sure to complete these labs in a timely manner to ensure that Dr. Jules Feledy has the results prior to your abdominoplasty procedure date. If Dr. Feledy asks for a clearance from your general practitioner, you must have this clearance before you can have an abdominoplasty at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

    Since you are receiving general anesthesia during your procedure, you will not be permitted to drive following your abdominoplasty; therefore, you need to bring a licensed driver, who is at least 18-years-old, with you to Belmont Plastic Surgery on the day of your procedure. Be sure to choose someone that you trust completely. It is important to note that Belmont Plastic Surgery does not permit patients to use public transportation, or any other ride-for-hire services, following procedures that require sedation or general anesthesia. This restriction was put into place as a protective measure to help Dr. Jules Feledy’s patients remain safe as they return home following their procedures.

    You will also need to ask someone you trust implicitly to stay with you for the first few days as you recover. If you have small children or animals that can roam free in the home (e.g., cats and/or dogs), having someone there to assist you is vital for a quick recovery.

    Please pick up any medications that Dr. Feledy has ordered for you to take after your procedure prior to the day of your tummy tuck. This is extremely important because you may need to start the medication right away. In addition, you will need some supplies as you recover. These supplies include extra pillows, ice packs, reading materials, soft diet foods, easy-to-cook meals, healthy snacks and beverages. Having these items ready ahead of time will make your first few days of recovery more comfortable.

    For several days following your abdominoplasty, you will be on a soft diet; therefore, be sure to purchase foods that you will be able to eat during this time.

    Acceptable soft food items include:

    • White rice.
    • Pureed fruit (e.g., applesauce).
    • White bread.
    • Vegetable juice.
    • Fruit juice.
    • Mashed potatoes.
    • Egg noodles.
    • Cottage cheese.
    • Canned fish.
    • Canned poultry.
    • Avocados.
    • Bananas.
    • Mangoes.

    Four Weeks Before Your Abdominoplasty: Stop Using Products That Contain Nicotine

    If you smoke, chew tobacco or vape, it is very important that you stop using these products and limit second-hand smoke exposure for at least four weeks before and after your tummy tuck procedure. The nicotine in these products interferes with circulation, which can affect the results of your abdominoplasty. Furthermore, using these products as you recover can slow the healing process, which may result in complications, such as infection.

    Schedule time off work or school so you can recover at home. Usually, patients can return to work or school a week after a mini abdominoplasty. Patients who have a full abdominoplasty will need additional time, usually from six to eight weeks.

    A Tummy Tuck Procedure Near Washington, DC

    At Belmont Plastic Surgery, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Washington, DC, Dr. Jules Feledy performs liposuction, mini tummy tucks and full tummy tucks as outpatient procedures.

    A full abdominoplasty takes from two to four hours to complete. Patients need to keep in mind that if they are having a combination procedure (e.g., a mommy makeover) they will spend more time in surgery.

    A mini abdominoplasty takes from two to three hours to complete. Again, if patients are having multiple procedures during a single surgical session, they will be spending more time in the procedure room than those who are not.

    Since full abdominoplasty and mini abdominoplasty procedures are performed while the patient is asleep, general anesthesia is used.


    Once the patient is comfortably asleep, liposuction may be performed to remove fat from the abdomen and the flanks.

    Incision Creation

    For a full tummy tuck

    : Two incisions are created horizontally across the patient’s lower abdomen. These incisions are placed within the natural fold located directly above the pubis, which means the resulting scar will remain hidden below the bikini line. By placing the incisions in this area, the patient can still wear clothing, including swim trunks and bikini bottoms, without concerns related to their scars being visible. However, on occasion, an incision must be created that extends vertically to the middle of the patient’s abdomen. Dr. Feledy discusses incision locations with the patient before he or she has an abdominoplasty.

    A very small incision is created within the navel or around the navel to release it from the surrounding skin and tissue. This allows Dr. Jules Feledy to freely manipulate the patient’s skin and tissue during the procedure.

    For a mini tummy tuck

    : While performing this procedure, Dr. Feledy creates an incision within the crease of the lower abdomen, above the pubic bone. This incision is shorter than the incisions created for a full abdominoplasty; however, the only section of the abdomen that is addressed during a mini abdominoplasty is the section below the navel. Dr. Jules Feledy can tighten the abdominal muscles during a mini abdominoplasty and a full abdominoplasty.

    Separating the Skin from the Muscles

    After creating the incision(s), Dr. Feledy carefully separates the skin from the muscles of the abdominal wall.

    Tightening the Abdominal Muscles

    Dr. Jules Feledy tightens the patient’s abdominal muscles. He may also inject a medication into the surgical area that will provide the patient with pain relief for approximately 72 hours.

    Excess Skin is Removed

    After tightening the abdominal muscles, Dr. Feledy removes the excess skin.

    Incision Closure

    Stitches are used to close the incisions.

    Creating a Designer Belly Button During a Full Abdominoplasty

    If, after removing all the excess skin and repairing the muscle during a full tummy tuck, the location of the patient’s navel looks unnatural, Dr. Jules Feledy uses his experience and artistic ability to create the patient a new, natural-looking navel.

    Gauze Application and Binder Placement

    Gauze dressing is applied to the incision(s) and then an elastic abdominal binder is placed around the patient’s lower abdomen area. The patient wears this binder for several weeks. This compression garment offers gentle, even pressure to support the abdomen and protect the muscles as they heal. In addition, this pressure prevents the accumulation of fluid in the surgical area.

    Patients who had liposuction during their abdominoplasty may need to have drains placed.

    Muscle Tightening Without Excess Skin Removal

    If the abdominal muscle is just being tightened and there is no excess skin to remove, Dr. Feledy will use the same incision he uses for a mini abdominoplasty. Dr. Jules Feledy will lift the skin to access the abdominal muscles lying beneath. Once he tightens the abdominal muscles, he drapes the skin back over them and closes the incisions with stitches.


    Initially, tummy tuck scars are raised and red; however, within the first 12 months, the scar begins to flatten and fade. Massage can be used to minimize the visibility of abdominoplasty scars: About four weeks after the procedure, the patient can begin massaging the scar.

    Patients must not expose their scars to UV light (including tanning beds) for at least a year after their abdominoplasty. Exposing scars to sunlight can cause hyperpigmentation (darkening), which could be permanent; thus, making the scar more visible. Whenever the patient will be in the sun, the scar must be covered with sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.

    Recovering from an Abdominoplasty Near Washington, DC

    Although you will not be able to stand upright for at least a week, you need to start walking around your house the day after your procedure. Moving around the house every few hours helps to reduce the likelihood of blood clot formation. Walking also keeps your muscles and tissues from becoming tight.

    You should be able to shower two or three days after your procedure.

    If you have drains, you can bathe once they are removed: Drain removal takes place three to five days after surgery.

    If you had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, you will return to work six to eight weeks after your surgery. If you had a mini tummy tuck, you should be able to return to work within a week or two (depending on your occupation).

    Strenuous activity must be avoided for at least six weeks after your procedure.

    Once you no longer experience pain while turning the steering wheel, you will be released by Dr. Feledy to drive (typically between weeks two and six of your abdominoplasty).

    Following the recommendations of Dr. Jules Feledy and his medical staff will help make your recovery less painful, quicker and easier.

    Recovery recommendations:

    You need to wear your abdominal compression garment continuously, only removing it while you bathe. Dr. Feledy will inform you as to when you no longer need to wear your support garment, which is usually about three weeks post-op. Wearing your compression garment optimizes the healing process and reduces inflammation. The more you wear your compression garment, the quicker you will heal and the better your final results will be.

    Avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting for at least four weeks. Dr. Jules Feledy will inform you when you can reinstate your exercise routine.

    Schedule your follow-up appointments with Dr. Feledy right away.

    If you received a drain(s) following your tummy tuck, it will be removed in the office three to five days after your procedure.

    Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to performing light duties within seven to 10 days, typically returning to normal activity levels in three weeks.

    Even if you feel great, you must keep these follow-up appointments. It is during these appointments that Dr. Jules Feledy will evaluate your incision to make sure it is healing properly.

    What to expect as you heal:

    • Numbness and/or an itching sensation around the incision sites is normal.
    • Inflammation and bruising are common and usually resolve within three weeks.
    • You might not be able to stand upright for the first week; however, by the second week, you should begin to stand more erect. Please keep in mind that this is a gradual process.
    • Moderate pain during this period of recovery is expected: Dr. Feledy will prescribe or recommend over-the-counter medications to help you remain comfortable as you recover.

    Tummy Tuck Results

    After an abdominoplasty, you will enjoy a smoother, flatter abdomen. These characteristics are achieved through the tightening of the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin.

    While some of the benefits achieved with your abdominoplasty procedure will be visible immediately, the full results take from four to six months to become evident. The results become visible as the inflammation decreases and healing progresses. You should expect to see a firmer, more attractive, beautifully-contoured lower body.

    These results are permanent; however, patients who gain a substantial amount of weight, lose a significant amount of weight or become pregnant may notice their results diminishing.

    Potential Complications Following a Tummy Tuck

    As with all procedures, complications are possible; however, since Belmont Plastic Surgery strives to provide individuals in and around Washington, DC, with the safest abdominoplasty procedure available in this area, complications are rare. Dr. Jules Feledy’s goal is to make every procedure he performs as painless as possible, with an uneventful recovery.

    Potential complications include:

    • Excessive bleeding.
    • Issues related to general anesthesia.
    • Poor healing.
    • Heart and/or lung issues.
    • Skin changes/discoloration.
    • Asymmetrical results.
    • Numbness on the skin.
    • Seroma (i.e., fluid accumulation).
    • Infection.
    • Blood clots.
    • Fat necrosis (i.e., death of fat tissue).
    • The need for a revision.

    How Much Do Tummy Tucks at Belmont Plastic Surgery Cost?

    Each patient is unique; therefore, the only way that Dr. Feledy can determine how much your abdominoplasty will cost is by performing a physical evaluation. He can perform your evaluation during an initial consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Washington, DC.

    Does Health Insurance Cover an Abdominoplasty?

    Since an abdominoplasty is considered cosmetic surgery, it is not covered by health insurance. However, at Belmont Plastic Surgery, patients can apply for financing through CareCredit. This financing option allows patients to have their plastic surgery procedures now and pay for them over time.

    If you have excess abdominal skin, and you are interested in learning more about a mini or full tummy tuck, please contact Belmont Plastic Surgery today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Jules Feledy. He is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in Washington, DC. Dr. Feledy is a board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in a variety of procedures, including the abdominoplasty. Patients know they are in good hands at Belmont Plastic Surgery because Dr. Jules Feledy has performed thousands of procedures.

    To schedule your appointment with the renowned Dr. Jules Feledy, please call (301) 654-5666 or, if you prefer, you can click here to complete our online contact form. The Belmont Plastic Surgery facility that serves the Greater Washington, DC, area is located at 5530 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 818 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


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      Tummy Tuck FAQs

      Who’s an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck?

      Every year, thousands of people seek tummy tuck surgery to improve their body shape, especially after having kids or achieving major weight loss. Ideal candidates will have reached a healthy body weight and do not expect to have any more children. Plastic surgeons also recommend people who are non-smokers, exercise regularly and are well informed about the tummy tuck procedure and its outcomes. To ensure your getting the best tummy tuck Washington DC has to offer, start by selecting a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in tummy tuck surgeries. Belmont Plastic Surgery’s renowned Dr. Feledy has 15 years post-graduate training and has performed thousands of surgeries giving him the experience and expertise you are looking for. At your consultation, he will ask you several questions about your medical history and goals for surgery as well as answer your questions to determine if a tummy tuck is right for you.

      How does a tummy tuck work?

      A tummy tuck procedure is an outpatient surgery that takes about three hours. The doctor will make two incisions across your lower abdomen, hidden beneath your bikini line. The excess skin between the incisions will be lifted or removed. The doctor will then repair the abdominal muscles that have stretched over time. After these steps are complete, the incisions will be closed with sutures. A surgical dressing and a compression garment will be applied to the treated areas to minimize swelling.

      What should I expect after my tummy tuck?

      A tummy tuck is an extensive surgical procedure. After surgery, you will need to limit your physical activities for a few weeks but you will be advised to walk shortly after surgery. After several weeks, you will no longer need to wear a compression garment and can return to full activity with no restrictions. Scars will fade as they heal over the next several months. Make sure to be protected from the sun. As with any procedure, specific instructions will be provided from Dr. Feledy and the staff at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

      Are there any tummy tuck alternatives to consider?

      For some candidates, less extensive procedures such as a mini tummy tuck or liposuction may be considered. If your goal is to achieve optimal contouring of the midsection, there’s no substitute for the full tummy tuck. No other procedure can flatten your abdominal area as effectively as abdominoplasty.

      Are there any risks or side effects to getting a tummy tuck?

      Most of the potential side effects of a tummy tuck involve the appearance of the final body shape and contour. Effective and thorough communication prior to and following the procedure can help prevent many of these potential problems. As with any surgical procedure, there are a few rare side effects, including nerve damage, blood clots, scarring, pain, swelling or heart and lung complications. There is the risk of bleeding, infection and poor wound healing. Belmont Plastic Surgery prides itself on providing the safest tummy tuck Washington DC has available and works to make any procedure as painless and easy as possible.If you are interested in getting a Tummy Tuck, get more information by contacting Belmont Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation today.