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    Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) in Washington, DC with Dr. Jules Feledy

    A rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most common facial cosmetic surgeries performed today. It can recontour, reshape, reduce or change a person’s nose to achieve a vastly improved appearance. It can also dramatically increase your self-confidence. In addition to purely cosmetic reasons, it can be performed as a reconstructive action to correct birth defects or physical trauma such as a broken nose.

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    What to expect in your consultation:

    Plastic Surgeon Washington DC, Dr Jules Feledy

    If you are considering getting a rhinoplasty in DC, you should come in for a consultation with Dr. Feledy at our Chevy Chase, Maryland location. You can expect the initial consultation to take at least an hour. When you meet with Dr. Feledy, he will:

    • Hear what you’d like to get of your rhinoplasty procedure
    • Carry out a thorough physical examination
    • Give a detailed explanation to you of exactly what his recommendations are and why

    The staff at Belmont Plastic Surgery will make sure that any questions you have about insurance and financing are answered completely. In most cases, your insurance will not cover nose surgery, especially if it is being performed for cosmetic purposes. There is the potential that your insurance may cover nose surgery if it is being done for reconstructive or medical reasons (such as septoplasty). Contact your health care provider for additional details

    We will show you several different before and after photographs of his patients so you can see for yourself what to expect if he conducts rhinoplasty surgery. It is important that you and Dr. Feledy agree on the cosmetic details of your surgery in order to get the results you want.

    Call us today and schedule your consultation with what many consider to be the best plastic surgeon in DC, Dr. Jules Feledy. Through thousands of surgeries and over 20 years of practice, he has consistently produced stellar results with an industry leading rhinoplasty Washington DC area residents seek him out to get.  

    “There are nuances to all rhinoplasty surgeries that depend on ethnic differences in genes and appearances. Understanding these details are essential to create the greatest outcome in rhinoplasty surgery.” Dr. Jules Feledy


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    Washington, DC Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Jules Feledy

    The nose is probably our most prominent facial feature, which is why it tends to get a lot of attention. Individuals who are unhappy with the way their nose is contoured and/or those who are having difficulty breathing due to issues like a turned nasal septum (i.e., deviated septum) may be good candidates for rhinoplasty in a Washington, DC with Dr. Jules Feledy. When a rhinoplasty is performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, this procedure offers patients incredible results.

    A Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

    At Belmont Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jules Feledy performs this procedure to help people residing in and around Washington, DC, feel confident about their appearance and/or to improve the function of the nose so the patient can breathe better.

    This procedure is frequently referred to as a ‘nose job,’ ‘nose surgery,’ ‘nose-reshaping surgery/procedure’ or ‘cosmetic nose surgery.’ Using this procedure, Dr. Feledy gently manipulates the natural cartilage and bone inside the patient’s nose. He may also use grafts and sutures to provide the patient with the nose that he or she desires. In addition, Dr. Feledy can use this procedure to address nasal deformities, thus, providing the patient with a more pleasing facial structure.

    At Belmont Plastic Surgery, Dr. Feledy performs cosmetic nose surgery to reshape and resize the nose. Some of the most common requests made by patients who would like to have a rhinoplasty procedure include asking Dr. Jules Feledy to remove a hump from the bridge of their nose, reduce the overall size of their nose or straighten a crooked nose.

    Once the nose job is complete, and healing has taken place, the patient’s nose will appear more proportionate to his or her other facial features. Moreover, Dr. Feledy can use nose-reshaping surgery to correct any irregularities that resulted from a previous nasal procedure. When an initial procedure must be corrected, this procedure is referred to as a secondary rhinoplasty or a revision rhinoplasty.

    Addressing a Crooked Nose and a Deviated Septum in Washington, DC

    Besides being used to change the size and shape of the nose, a nose-reshaping surgery may be performed to address a crooked nose. A crooked nose can make it difficult for an individual to breathe through his or her nasal passages. These breathing difficulties usually arise when the nasal septum, which is the wall that separates the nasal passages, becomes injured in such a way that it turns, creating a blockage that interrupts airflow: This displacement is referred to as a deviated septum.

    While the majority of people who have a deviated septum sustained this injury at some point in their lives, there are babies who sustain an injury to their nasal septum during the birthing process. Consequently, these babies are essentially born with a displaced septum.

    Besides interrupting airflow, this turned nasal septum can change the appearance of the nose. Dr. Feledy can combine a rhinoplasty with deviated septum repair (i.e., a septoplasty) or endoscopic sinus surgery to address the appearance of the nose. This surgery can also address breathing problems caused by a dislocated septum.

    What Aesthetic Issues Can a Nose Job Address?

    Whether you are male or female, and no matter what your ethnicity, Dr. Jules Feledy can use his experience, skill and artistic vision to create you a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Feledy’s dedication to his patients fuels his desire to create a unique, custom-tailored rhinoplasty procedure for each person.

    Some of the most common reasons people choose to have cosmetic nose surgery are to:

    • Remove a bump or hump, which is usually on the bridge of the nose.
    • Change the size of the nose to make it more proportionate to the individual’s facial characteristics. This could relate to a nose that is too small or too big.
    • Address flared or pinched nostrils.
    • Correct a nose that protrudes.
    • Address an overly large nose.
    • Narrow an abnormally wide nose.
    • Correct a nose that is crooked.
    • Address a bulbous or hanging nasal tip.
    • Correct overly large and/or overly wide nostrils.
    • Address a flat, wide or scooped nasal bridge.
    • Correct nasal asymmetry.

    Why Do People in and Around Washington, DC, Choose to Have a Rhinoplasty?

    The size and shape of the nose greatly affects the proportion and balance of the face, therefore, when the nose is disproportionate to the other features of the face, an individual may feel self-conscious about the way he or she looks. When a rhinoplasty is performed by an experienced surgeon, even the smallest change to the nose can make a difference by improving the overall balance of the face.

    An individual who chooses to have cosmetic nose surgery to improve the aesthetic appearance of his or her nose can benefit physically and emotionally.

    Besides having the desire to address aesthetic issues, another reason people choose to have a nose job in Washington, DC, is to address breathing problems related to the structure of the nose.

    A deviated septum can:

    • Make it difficult for an individual to breathe freely through one or both nasal passages.
    • Cause one or both of the nasal passages to remain congested, indefinitely.
    • Increase the frequency of nose bleeds.
    • Cause headaches and facial pain.
    • Lead to a long-lasting or a recurring sinus infection.
    • Cause post-nasal drip.
    • Result in noisy breathing during sleep, especially when it comes to children and babies.

    Am I a Candidate for a Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC?

    Although a nose-reshaping procedure is a great option for many people, it is not necessarily for everyone. The ideal candidate for a nose job is a healthy teen, who is at least 16 years of age, or an adult who has an ongoing dissatisfaction with the way his or her nose looks, or who is having problems breathing due to a deviated septum.

    Once your initial consultation is complete, Dr. Feledy will have a good idea as to what you would like to accomplish. If he finds that you are a good candidate for a nose job, he will discuss what issues can be addressed with your Washington, DC, nose job.

    What to Expect During Your Rhinoplasty Consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery

    If you decide that you would like to learn more about the rhinoplasty procedure, or you have decided that you are interested in moving forward with your nose job, contact Belmont Plastic Surgery to schedule your appointment with Dr. Feledy, who is a top plastic surgeon in Washington, DC, and Maryland.

    At your initial consultation, please be candid with Dr. Feledy in reference to what you would like to accomplish with a nose job. If you have difficulty breathing through your nasal passages, please mention this so it can be investigated further. At this appointment, you will have the opportunity to get to know Dr. Feledy and his medical staff.

    As long as you come prepared to ask questions and discuss your goals, this consultation can be a valuable learning experience. At Belmont Plastic Surgery, all patients are encouraged to ask questions because Dr. Feledy and his medical staff believe that a well-informed patient feels more comfortable about his or her upcoming procedure than a patient who does not know what to expect.

    Photos may be taken of your nose; these photos remain in your medical file and are used by Dr. Jules Feledy as he creates your personalized treatment plan. These photos also offer patients a great way to compare their presurgical nose to their post-surgical results. It is important to note that Dr. Feledy and his staff are dedicated to respecting each patient’s privacy, therefore, these photos remain in your medical chart and will never be used for promotional purposes without your consent.

    Dr. Feledy will show you several before and after photographs so you will have an idea about what to expect after surgery. Please keep in mind that to attain the results that you want, it is vital that you and Dr. Jules Feledy have open communication about what you would like to achieve.

    Since each patient is unique, to ensure the best results possible, Dr. Feledy takes the time necessary to create custom-designed treatment plans: If you choose Dr. Feledy to perform your surgery, he will create you a personalized treatment plan.

    Preparing for a Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

    If you smoke, or use any other products that contain nicotine, you must stop using these products for at least four weeks before your procedure and four weeks after your surgery. Nicotine negatively affects the healing process by constricting the blood vessels, thus, the oxygenated, nutritious blood that is necessary for the healing process has difficulty reaching the areas that the body is trying to heal.

    Dr. Feledy may request that you visit your general practitioner to receive a medical release for nose-reshaping surgery. In addition, you may need to have blood labs and/or X-rays of your nose.

    A Rhinoplasty Procedure in Washington, DC

    Dr. Feledy performs Washington, DC, rhinoplasty surgeries as outpatient procedures, therefore, the patient returns home after surgery.

    Since the patient receives general anesthesia during this procedure, he or she will not be able to drive. As such, the patient needs to bring a licensed driver to Belmont Plastic Surgery on the day of his or her nose job. Patients are not permitted to use public transportation, or any other type of driving service, following procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia. Dr. Feledy follows this practice because he wants his patients to arrive home safely with someone that they trust.

    A rhinoplasty procedure can take from one to three hours.

    There are two nose-reshaping techniques that Dr. Feledy can use during this procedure: the open or the closed technique. The open technique is the one used most frequently. The technique Dr. Feledy uses during the procedure is discussed with the patient prior to surgery.

    1. Creating the Incisions

    The open-rhinoplasty incision technique:

    • Dr. Feledy creates a small incision between the patient’s nostrils. This allows him to lift the skin up, which provides him with unobstructed access to the tissues that lie beneath. Although this incision is created on the outside of the patient’s nose, Dr. Feledy uses his experience and skill to strategically place the incision so it remains well-hidden within the natural contours in this area of the nose.

    The closed-rhinoplasty incision technique:

    • Dr. Feledy creates small incisions on the inside of the nose, which means the patient will not have any scarring on the outside. However, a closed rhinoplasty decreases Dr. Feledy’s ability to manipulate the tissues.

    2. Shaping the Nose

    After creating the incisions, Dr. Feledy grafts and repositions the cartilage, effectively reshaping the nose. In addition, when necessary, he removes bony material.

    Throughout these procedures, Dr. Feledy ensures that the structural integrity of the nose remains, and that nasal passage function is maintained.

    3. Closing the Incisions

    He closes the incisions.

    4. Dressing and Splints are Placed

    Dr. Feledy places a dressing on the patient’s nose. The patient may also receive internal and/or external nasal splints. These splints provide support and protection for the nose as it heals.

    5. The Recovery Area

    After spending some time in the recovery area, the patient will be released to his or her driver.

    6. Discharge Paperwork and Follow-up Appointment

    Before leaving Belmont Plastic Surgery, the medical staff provides the patient with information about caring for his or her nose during the recovery process. In addition, the patient’s follow-up appointment may be listed on the discharge paperwork. Patients will receive medication designed to keep them more comfortable as they recover.

    Recovering from a Washington, DC, Rhinoplasty

    Although each patient’s recovery time is unique, most of Dr. Feledy’s nose-reshaping surgery patients can return to work about a week after their nose job in Washington, DC. However, it is essential that patients allow themselves enough time to heal.

    Since aftercare plays a substantial role in the final results of the nose job procedure, for the initial three days following surgery, patients should have someone they trust remain with them to assist them in caring for themselves.

    Caring for the airway: The nasal airway needs to remain hydrated and clean. This is accomplished through the use of saline mists because patients must avoid blowing their nose for the first few days following their nose job.

    In addition to bruising, patients should expect to experience quite a bit of inflammation, and discomfort following their nose-reshaping procedure. This swelling and bruising usually develops around the nose, and sometimes, around his or her eyes. For this reason, patients need to keep their heads elevated for at least 48 hours after their nose job.

    Reducing inflammation helps decrease pain and discomfort, which is why for several days following the nose job procedure, patients should be sleeping with their head elevated.

    Patients can reduce inflammation by gently laying an ice pack over their nose and eyes for 20 minutes at a time. This treatment can be used up to six times a day. Patients need to wrap the ice with a thin towel, otherwise, he or she may develop frostbite on the skin that has contact with the ice.

    Since the tissues within the nose tend to heal slowly, inflammation usually lasts for several months following surgery, with much of the inflammation subsiding within just a few weeks. However, residual swelling can remain anywhere from six to 12 months. As such, the results of a nose job are not considered final until this residual swelling dissipates.

    Patients must avoid vigorous exercises and activities for at least four weeks, possibly six, following their nose job.

    Although an open rhinoplasty involves an external incision, these incisions usually heal very well and eventually become almost invisible: The key is incision placement.

    Although Dr. Feledy uses his knowledge and skill to camouflage the incision he makes during an open-rhinoplasty procedure, patients can assist with reducing the visibility of this scar by preventing it from being exposed to the UV rays of the sun and/or tanning beds for at least 12 months after their nose job. Following this recommendation is vital because UV rays can cause the scar to darken and this darkening can remain permanently, thus, making the scar much more visible.

    Risks and Potential Complications

    Every surgery carries some level of risk and patients can reduce the likelihood of experiencing complications by choosing an experienced, board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon to perform their procedure.

    Risks and potential complications include:

    • Infection.
    • Nostril asymmetry (e.g., one nostril appears larger than the other).
    • Visible scarring.
    • Excessive bleeding.
    • A poor outcome requiring a revision rhinoplasty.
    • Breathing issues caused by an obstructed nasal passage.
    • A reaction to the general anesthesia.

    Although a revision rhinoplasty procedure is possible, the best way to avoid the need for a revision is by choosing a qualified, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your initial procedure.

    Reasons a Patient May Request a Second Rhinoplasty

    A patient may decide on a revision nose job with Dr. Feledy to address issues that are affecting his or her ability to breathe and/or to change something aesthetically.

    Reasons for nose job revision requests include:

    • An uneven-looking result.
    • Blocked nasal passages.
    • A collapsed nose structure.
    • A nose that was under-corrected or over-corrected.
    • Excessive visible scarring.

    Dr. Feledy has experience addressing all the issues listed above. Using a revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Feledy will address a variety of problems resulting from a patient’s initial nose job.

    Since a nose job revision is one of the more delicate and complex facial surgeries performed, it is vital that patients choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who has great skill, artistic vision and extensive experience performing the procedures that may be required to correct the functional and/or aesthetic issues the patient is experiencing.

    Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Washington, DC

    Nose-reshaping surgery is a very complex procedure. Each surgery must be customized to meet the needs of a patient, therefore, choosing an experienced surgeon is essential to obtaining the results you desire.

    Dr. Jules Feledy is a top aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Washington, DC, and Maryland, who has the experience, skill and artistic vision necessary to provide his patients with the beautiful, well-functioning noses they desire.

    How Much Does a Washington, DC, Rhinoplasty Cost?

    Since every patient is unique, Dr. Feledy must examine your nose and discuss the issues you would like him to address before he can provide you with a nose job procedure quote. However, patients are given the opportunity to apply for a financing program through CareCredit or ALPHAEON CREDIT. These programs allow patients to move forward with their plastic surgery procedures, but make payments on the procedure instead of paying it in full at the time of the surgery.

    Will My Health Insurance Cover a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

    In the majority of cases, health insurance does not cover nose-reshaping procedures. However, if the procedure is necessary because you have a deviated septum, your insurance company may pay for a portion of your procedure. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out.

    At Belmont Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jules Feledy performs a variety of plastic surgeries to provide individuals in and around the Washington, DC, area with the facial characteristics they desire. As a board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon with 15 years of post-graduate training, Dr. Feledy has been performing rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty procedures for years. His experience, skill, artistic vision and attention to detail have resulted in him being named one of the top plastic surgeons in Washington, DC, and in Maryland. People know that when they choose Belmont Plastic Surgery, they will receive the highest quality, state-of-the-art care that is available.

    Individuals in and around Washington, DC, who are considering a nose-reshaping procedure and or a septoplasty to address a deviated septum, should contact Dr. Feledy’s office at (301) 654-5666 today to schedule a consultation with top Washington, DC, and Maryland surgeon, Dr. Jules Feledy. Belmont Plastic Surgery is located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Washington, DC, at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite #818.

    Rhinoplasty FAQs

    What is a rhinoplasty or “nose surgery”?

    A rhinoplasty or “nose surgery” is a cosmetic procedure performed to change the appearance of the nose. Whether you are male or female and no matter your ethnicity, there is a unique approach to the procedure for each person. Some of the most common reasons a nose surgery is desired are:
    - A nose that’s seems too large or too small for your face
    - The nose has a hump or bump
    - Abnormally wide nose
    - An overly large or protruding nose
    - Pinched or flared nostrils
    - A nose that is not straight and/or crooked
    In addition to an improvement in your appearance, nose surgery can also repair functional aspects of your nose. Combining nose reshaping with septoplasty (deviated septum repair) or endoscopic (sinus surgery) can effectively alleviate certain breathing problems. During the consultation process, Dr. Feledy will work with you to create a personalized surgical plan to fit your specific needs and goals to ensure that you get the best rhinoplasty Washington DC plastic surgeons can provide.

    Am I a good candidate for nose surgery?

    The best candidates for nose surgery in Washington DC will have good overall mental and physical health and possess realistic expectations. Candidates should be 16 years of age or older and have finished facial growth. If you are still unsure, Dr. Feledy will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for nose surgery during the consultation process.

    What are the risks of nose surgery?

    As with all surgical procedures, there are risks involved with nose rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is generally considered safe and complications are rare. Potential complications may include infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia or nosebleed. Dr. Feledy will discuss these risks in-depth with you prior to surgery.

    What should I expect after the procedure, during the recovery process?

    During the recovery process, you may experience puffiness, headache or nasal discomfort. Additionally, you may experience some swelling and bruising, bleeding or stuffiness. In general, patients are able to resume everyday activities, including work within a week following surgery.

    What results can I expect and will I experience any significant scarring?

    When possible, incisions will be made inside of the nose so there is no visible scarring. In some cases, incisions will need to be made at the base of the nose. When performed correctly, these incisions should be easily concealed and scarring will fade over time.
    If you are interested in the best Rhinoplasty Washington DC has, get more information by contacting Belmont Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation today.