Plastic Surgery For Men

Botox for Men

If you think that Botox is just for women, think again. More and more men are getting regular treatments of Botox to improve their appearance and combat the effects that aging can bring to their face. At Belmont Plastic Surgery, we understand the unique factors for treating a male face versus a female face.

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Brow Lift for Men

As men age, one area of the body that is particularly impinged on is the forehead. The skin in this area is subject to creasing and wrinkling more than women. Men often have larger foreheads than women so aging can appear more evident from this area. Having a brow lift for men can make you look younger and may improve your confidence.

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

It has become increasingly common for men to remove unwanted hair on portions of their body to improve their overall appearance. Whether the chest, back or other regions of the body have too much hair, there is nothing wrong with getting it removed painlessly with laser technology. We offer different plans to do so.

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Liposuction for Men

Belmont Plastic Surgery has helped many men address unresolvable areas of fat deposits in their body. In some cases, exercise isn't enough to remove some stubborn fat deposits. Understanding the nuances of liposuction for a male versus a female is very important to get a great result that leaves your body looking how you want it.

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Gynecomastia Surgery

A surgery to address gynecomastia - also called a male breast reduction surgery - has become one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery for men. This relatively quick out-patient procedure allows men to remove and sculpt their breast area which otherwise won't improve despite exercise or other efforts to address the area.

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