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Breast Reduction Surgery

A breast reduction procedure, also known as a reduction mammaplasty, can help alleviate discomfort or pain that be part of having very large breasts.

With the purpose of having a beautiful end result, the procedure reduces and provides a more youthful appearance to the breasts. Dr. Feledy is a specialist who has performed the procedure countless times.

“I'd had pain and discomfort because of my breasts for a long time. But I was also scared of getting a breast reduction. Finally I looked for the best breast reduction Washington DC had and found Dr. Feledy. He made me feel very comfortable and I felt understood. Now 6 months later, I feel like a new person! I wish I did this years ago!” —R.R.*

Breast Reduction FAQs

1) What is a breast reduction procedure?

Some women are genetically prone to breasts that are too large to be comfortable for their body. In such a circumstance, a breast reduction surgery can be done decreasing the breast size by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin.

2) What are the main reasons someone decide to get breast reduction surgery?

Some of the most common reasons women decide to get breast reduction surgery are:

  • The breasts are overly large for the size of the woman's body
  • Larger breasts are causing neck, back or shoulder pain
  • Larger breasts may cause skin irritation
  • Breasts that are too large can cause skeletal deformities as one grows through puberty
  • Large breasts can cause significant psychological discomfort by causing emotional and social anxiety

There may be other reasons you decide to get a breast reduction surgery but these cover a large majority of why some women want to get the surgery done.

3) Is breast reduction surgery covered by insurance?

In some cases, because a breast reduction surgery it resolves a physical ailments, it can be covered by insurance. You will need to clarify your coverage with your insurance company. We can help you.

4) What happens during breast reduction surgery?

A typical breast reduction surgery will take several hours and will be performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Feledy will surgically removal excess fatty breast tissue using liposuction. Glandular tissue will be removed carefully through excision. Following the removal of excess tissue, the breast skin will be tightened to elevate the breast position. The traditional incision pattern follows an inverted T or anchor shape.

5) What happens after breast reduction?

When your breast reduction is finished, Dr. Feledy will send you home with specific post-op instructions to follow. In most cases, you will be given a surgical bra to wear for several weeks and medications to help manage pain. It's common for patients to experience some swelling, aching and changes in skin sensation as they recover from breast reduction.

6) What are some of the risks associated with breast reduction?

All surgeries, including breast reduction, present a degree of risk. Breast reduction is considered safe and complications are rare. Complications may include adverse reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, nerve damage and scarring.

7) Breast Reduction Results

The results of breast reduction are considered to be long lasting. However, it is possible for remaining fat tissue in your breasts to enlarge if you gain a substantial amount of weight following surgery. Pregnancy may also cause breast tissues to swell or enlarge. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will increase the probability of long-term results.

If you're looking for the best breast reduction Washington DC has available, look no further. Dr. Feledy is a breast specialist with over 20 years of experience. Take the first step to getting a breast reduction surgery. Contact Belmont Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation today.

Your Breast Reduction Consultation with Dr. Feledy:

Plastic Surgeon Washington DC, Dr Jules Feledy

Dr. Feledy will help establish what kind of candidates you are for breast reduction surgery. An ideal surgery candidate should possess good mental and physical health.

There are additional factors Dr. Feledy will take into consideration during your consultation such as:

  • Medical history
  • Age
  • Breast size
  • Size of reduction
  • Breast condition
  • Body type
  • Skin quality

Using this information, Dr. Feledy can establish the best approach to your breast reduction and develop a tailored plan for your surgery.

"Helping a patient with a breast reduction and getting the best possible result is an exact process. I am going to listen to what your ideal result is. I am also going to explain in complete honesty how close we can get to that. Being detailed with a patient and having mutual understanding is essential to get you results." Dr. Jules Feledy

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See Belmont Plastic Surgery's breast reduction before and after results. It is important to look at before and after images to get an idea of what can be achieved with a surgery and to help guide the process with the doctor of determining the outcome you are going for.

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