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Body Contouring Washington DC

Body Contouring

If you've encountered areas of the body that have fat which doesn't seem to budge or areas you would like to improve the shape of, consider body contouring. This procedure utilizes a combination of skillfully administered liposuction and, in some cases, non-surgical procedures.

Brazilian Butt Lift Washington DC

Brazilian Butt Lift

A more noticeable and larger backside is within reach. Some individuals genetically have a smaller or less ample profile and a Brazilian butt lift specifically addresses this with surgical options to augment the area. If you have an interest in a butt lift, learn more about the procedure and your options.

Fat Grafting Washington DC

Fat Grafting

The ability to repurpose body fat has improved in administration and technique over the years. Fat grafting is taking fatting deposits from one area of the body and safely applying it to another area where one would prefer to augment or improve. You can learn more about your options by reading further.

Hand Surgery Washington DC

Hand Surgery

Are you happy with the appearance and functionality of your hands? If not, Dr. Feledy can offer a full range of surgical options that are not only for cosmetic purposes but also to address physical situations that may have arisen through overuse and strain. Learn more about your options for hand surgery.

Labiaplasty Washington DC


Genetic factors, child birth and aging can change the appearance of a women's labia. While the inherent beauty of all women is respected at Belmont Plastic Surgery, some prefer to have undesirable physical aspects addressed with a labiaplasty surgery so an adjusted or more youthful appearance is restored.

Liposuction Washington DC


Portions of your body may have unchanging fat deposits that require surgical assistance. Liposuction removes fat deposits from targeted areas of the body with surgical precision. It can dramatically improve the contour, shape and size of different areas of the body leaving you with a great result.

Lower Body Lift Washington DC

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift may be recommended after dramatic weight loss has occurred and excess skin is left behind. This procedure addresses the removal of excess skin with cosmetic result as the primary goal. It can greatly improve an individual's appearance and may act as the final step in a massive weight loss journey.

Mommy Makeover Washington DC

Mommy Makeover

What has commonly become referred to as a "mommy makeover" is a procedure for mothers after they have given birth and want to restore aspects of their appearance that changed from the stresses of child birth. It can consist of multiple procedures, including tummy tuck, breast lift and breast augmentation.

Thigh Lift Washington DC

Thigh Lift

The thighs can have areas of stubborn excess fat deposits that can be addressed with a thigh lift. In some cases, excess fat and skin can be removed leaving smaller thighs that you may find more appealing. Learn more about this procedure and when someone may want to consider getting it.

Tummy Tuck Washington DC

Tummy Tuck

There are different aspects of a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty that you should consider in looking at getting the procedure. As a skilled Washington DC plastic surgeon, Dr. Feledy will discuss these options with you so can consider structural aspects, how much to remove. and what kind of results are possible with your body type.

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