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    Washington, DC Lip Lift

    Lip Lift in Washington, DC

    While performing any plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, the goal of a plastic surgeon is to provide each patient with the beautiful, natural-looking result he or she desires. Dr. Feledy of Belmont Plastic Surgery is a top, award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon near Washington, DC. He, too, strives to meet this goal. Dr. Feledy uses his artistic vision, innate skills and more than 20 years of experience to provide each of his patients with exceptional, true-to-life results. Whether Dr. Feledy is strategically injecting dermal fillers to add volume to a patient’s lips or performing a surgical lip lift, he utilizes each of these abilities to accomplish his goal.

    What is a Washington, DC Lip Lift?

    One plastic surgery procedure Dr. Feledy performs to enhance a patient’s lips is the lip lift. Although dermal fillers can provide patients with the more voluptuous lips they desire, the results are temporary; therefore, patients need to schedule maintenance appointments with Dr. Feledy at regular intervals. To avoid the need for these maintenance appointments, some of Dr. Feledy’s patients are choosing to have a surgical lip enhancement procedure, the Washington, DC lip lift. Unlike dermal fillers, the changes Dr. Feledy makes with this surgical lip enhancement procedure are permanent.

    The Lip Lift is a Highly Customizable Plastic Surgery Procedure

    The lip lift is a highly customizable procedure that Dr. Feledy uses to shorten the distance between the patient’s top lip and nose. This surgical procedure also exposes more of the red skin of the lips (i.e., the vermilion). By exposing more of the vermilion, the patient’s upper lip appears fuller. In addition, since a lip lift rolls the vermilion border of the upper lip upward, the Cupid’s bow in the center of the lip becomes more defined. This rolling of the upper lip also reveals more of the patient’s upper teeth (i.e., tooth show).

    Injectable Dermal Fillers vs. a Lip Lift Near Washington, DC

    Injectable dermal fillers do successfully increase the size of the lips to temporarily create the patient a plumper pout. However, if an injector adds too much dermal filler, the patient’s lips can resemble the beak of a duck (i.e., duck lips). Nonetheless, patients can decrease the likelihood of their dermal filler lip-enhancement result resembling a duck beak by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon and experienced injector like Dr. Feledy. He has extensive experience performing lip enhancement procedures using dermal fillers.

    A Washington, DC lip lift offers patients a permanent lip enhancement result. During this procedure, Dr. Feledy decreases the distance between the vermilion border of the upper lip and the base of the patient’s nose. In addition, the vermilion mucosa becomes more visible, which increases the size of the upper lip.

    Characteristics of a Youthful-Looking Mouth

    Individuals who are young and attractive have a relatively short distance between the vermilion border of their upper lips and the base of their noses (i.e., the cutaneous section of skin, which includes the philtrum). In addition, the youthful upper lip is usually plump and turned slightly upward. With a lip lift, Dr. Feledy can enhance a patient’s lips so that they appear more youthful.

    How Age Affects the Lips

    With age, the cutaneous area between the upper lip’s border and base of the nose lengthens and the vermilion mucosa (red, fleshy part of the lips) section thins.

    Although Dr. Feledy can add volume to a patient’s lips by injecting a dermal filler, the results he achieves are temporary. Therefore, in order to continue enjoying the benefits that dermal fillers offer, patients must return regularly for repeat dermal filler injections. The longevity of dermal fillers varies, however, when it comes to the lips, Dr. Feledy schedules his patients’ maintenance sessions for lip enhancement with dermal fillers biannually.

    Reasons Dr. Feledy’s Patients Are Opting for a Washington, DC Lip Lift

    Patients interested in a subtle, natural-looking result are choosing to have a lip lifts instead of repeatedly visiting Dr. Feledy every six months to maintain their dermal filler results. During this surgical lip enhancement procedure, Dr. Jules Feledy provides the patient with beautiful, subtle and natural-looking permanent results. Furthermore, the results of this lip enhancement procedure continue to look completely natural as the patient moves through the aging process.

    Benefits of a Washington, DC Lip Lift at Belmont Plastic Surgery

    This is a relatively simple lip enhancement procedure that Dr. Feledy performs at Belmont Plastic Surgery near Washington, DC.

    Only Requires Local Anesthesia

    Before he begins the procedure, Dr. Feledy administers local anesthesia to targeted areas in and around the lip. The patient only receives this local anesthesia, which means IV sedation and general anesthesia during a lip lift near Washington, DC are not necessary.

    Creates a Beautiful, Well-Defined Cupid’s Bow

    This lip lift creates the patient a well-defined, beautifully shaped Cupid’s bow.

    Enhances the Relationship Between the Vermilion Lip and Cutaneous Skin

    The cutaneous skin of the lip refers to the skin directly above the upper lip that extends from the vermilion border to the base of the nose. The vermilion border is a slightly lighter color than the rest of the lip. It runs from one side of the upper lip over the Cupid’s bow to the other side.

    Dr. Feledy Can Still Use Dermal Fillers to Add Volume

    If the patient desires, even after having this lip enhancement procedure Dr. Feledy can use dermal fillers to add volume to the lips.

    Before a Washington, DC Lip Lift with Dr. Feledy

    Although this procedure does not require the use of IV sedation or general anesthesia, if a patient feels more comfortable being sedated, please let Dr. Feledy know. However, if the patient receives general anesthesia or IV sedation, the patient needs to bring a driver. A driver is necessary because following any procedure where the patient receives IV sedation or general anesthesia, he or she is not permitted to drive for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

    A Consultation for a Lip Lift Near Washington, DC

    Individuals interested in having a lip enhancement procedure need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jules Feledy. During the consultation, Dr. Feledy reviews the patient’s medical history as well as his or her current medication, vitamin and supplement use. Patients need to inform the doctor of any allergies they have to a particular type of medication or latex.

    After reviewing the patient’s history, Dr. Feledy examines his or her mouth and face.

    Dr. Jules Feledy also takes measurements of the patient’s mouth. He takes measurements while the patient’s mouth is closed as well as while the patient is smiling.

    Dr. Feledy takes photos of the patient’s mouth area. These pictures provide the patient with a way to see the difference in his or her mouth after surgery.

    Why Would Dr. Feledy Postpone or Rule Out a Lip Lift?

    Any of the following circumstances may result in Dr. Jules Feledy ruling out or postponing a patient’s lip enhancement procedure:

    • The patient has some type of skin infection in or near the treatment area (e.g., an active herpes outbreak).
    • The patient uses products that contain nicotine and has no plans to stop using these products for the amount of time required before and after surgery.
    • The patient has a condition that negatively affects the ability of his or her blood to clot (e.g., lupus, diabetes).
    • The patient does not want any type of scarring, even if the scar is well hidden.

    Results of a Washington, DC Lip Lift

    Once the swelling subsides, patients begin seeing some of the changes Dr. Feledy made during their surgery. Nonetheless, it can take several weeks to see the full results.

    Potential Risks

    Dr. Feledy frequently performs lip lifts, providing patients with the beautiful, subtle and natural-looking results they desire. However, any time there is a break in the skin the development of an infection is possible. Other issues include unfavorable and asymmetrical results. Individuals can reduce the likelihood of a complication by choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the patient’s procedure.
    The amount of skin Dr. Feledy removes is minimal, ranging between 5 mm to 7 mm.

    A Subnasal Washington, DC Lip Lift Procedure (aka the Bullhorn Lip Lift)

    When using local anesthetic, this procedure typically takes about an hour.

    After Dr. Feledy cleanses the lips, cutaneous area, philtrum and nose, he also sterilizes it.

    Dr. Jules Feledy injects local anesthesia into targeted areas. This anesthesia ensures the patient remains comfortable during the procedure.

    Once the local anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Feledy begins the lip lift procedure by creating an incision directly beneath the base of the patient’s nose.

    The incision he creates weaves along the base of the patient’s nose, following its shape (which resembles a bullhorn, hence this procedure’s nickname). By creating an irregularly shaped incision instead of a straight line, the incision remains well hidden within the natural crease beneath the patient’s nose.

    Dr. Feledy lifts and refines the shape of the patient’s upper lip.

    He trims away excess skin.

    Dr. Feledy uses stitches to close the incision and hold the tissue in place

    What to Expect After a Surgical Lip Lift with Dr. Jules Feledy Near Washington, DC

    Recovery following this procedure is quick with the total recovery time lasting, at most, a week.

    The majority of the inflammation and any discomfort a patient experiences usually subsides within three days.

    Until the inflammation and discomfort subside, patients can use ice packs and non-aspirin (Tylenol) to reduce their discomfort and decrease swelling.

    Cryotherapy to Reduce Inflammation Following a Washington, DC Lip Lift

    A gel-pack works best for this type of treatment. Gel-packs are available for purchase at pharmacies as well as online. They are reusable and inexpensive.

    After freezing the gel-pack, wrap it in a hand towel before placing it on the skin.

    Gently place the gel pack on the inflamed area. It can remain in place for up to 20 minutes.

    Patients can use cryotherapy to reduce swelling every four hours. After the first three days, patients usually no longer need to use cryotherapy because their symptoms have subsided.

    Is There Anyone Who Should Not Consider a Washington, DC Lip Lift?

    An individual who has a distance of less than 1.5 cm between the base of the nose and the vermilion lip border may not be a good candidate for this procedure.

    If a patient is unable to stop using products that contain nicotine (e.g., traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes) for no less than four weeks before and four weeks after the lift, the individual is not a good candidate for this procedure.

    How Much is a Washington, DC Lip Lift with Dr. Feledy?

    The cost of this lip enhancement procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery varies. However, due to his experience, Dr. Feledy typically determines the cost of a patient’s lip lift during his or her initial consultation, even before he creates the patient’s personalized surgical plan.

    The Importance of Choosing an Experienced Plastic Surgeon for a Lip Lift

    When it comes to enhancing the lips, they are one of the most unforgiving facial features. Therefore, choosing a plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and has experience performing these procedures greatly decreases the likelihood of a surgical error.

    If you are interested in having a surgical lip lift and you reside in or near Washington, DC, or you are planning to visit this area call Dr. Feledy’s office to schedule a complementary virtual initial consultation.

    To schedule a complimentary virtual consultation with Dr. Feledy, please call (301)654-5666 or click here Dr. Feledy also offers in-person consultations, however, these in-person consultations are not complementary. Belmont Plastic Surgery’s address is 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Ste. 818, Chevy Chase, Maryland.


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