Fredericksburg Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck), is a plastic surgery procedure that is used to remove excess tissue and skin in the abdominal area. In addition, the surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles (i.e., rectus muscles). Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Feledy performs full abdominoplasties and mini abdominoplasties at his state-of-the-art center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Tummy Tuck Near Fredericksburg, Virginia?

Besides improving an individual’s self-esteem, an abdominoplasty offers patients an array of aesthetic and medical benefits.

The benefits of a full tummy tuck include:

  • The removal of excess tissue located in the abdominal area.
  • Tighter abdominal muscles.
  • The removal of the excess skin that hangs down from the midsection.
  • A flatter abdomen.
  • If the navel (aka belly button) needs to be repositioned, Dr. Feledy creates the patient a natural-looking designer navel.
  • The elimination of the stretch marks located in the sections of skin that are removed. A reduction in the medical issues linked to having stretched rectus muscles as well as excess tissue, fat and skin in the abdominal area (e.g., back pain, incontinence, etc.).

How Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Vary from a Full Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Mini abdominoplasties are more limited, concentrating solely on the lower section of the abdomen, beneath the navel. A mini tummy tuck is perfect for individuals who are only experiencing issues in their lower abdomen.

While performing a mini abdominoplasty, Dr. Feledy can tighten and/or repair the abdominal muscles as well as remove the excess skin, tissue and fat beneath the navel.

How Pregnancy and Weight Gain Affect the Abdominal Area

The effects that pregnancy has on the abdomen makes women especially vulnerable to changes in the abdominal area. As a pregnancy progresses, the abdominal area must stretch to accommodate the growing baby. Besides stretching the abdominal skin, the abdominal muscles are also stretched, a condition referred to as diastasis recti abdominis or diastasis recti.

Excessive weight gain also causes the abdominal skin to stretch and the additional pressure the fat places on the rectus muscles could result in diastasis recti.

After pregnancy or losing a substantial amount of weight, if the abdominal skin neglects to spring back, the individual is left with excess tissue and skin in the abdominal area. Furthermore, once the abdominal muscles become stretched, surgical intervention is typically required.

Dr. Feledy addresses a patient’s diastasis recti as well as overstretched abdominal skin and excess tissue with abdominoplasty procedures at Belmont Plastic Surgery near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Are There Any Exercises that I Can Do to Help My Abdominal Skin Retract?

Implementing an exercise routine is a great way to strengthen your body’s core, but unfortunately, it has little effect on the excess sagging skin that results from pregnancy and being overweight. In addition, while some people are able to improve their stretched abdominal muscles with exercise, many people are not. Dr. Feledy addresses the abdominal muscles, overstretched skin and excess tissue with tummy tuck procedures at Belmont surgery center near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

What Keeps the Overstretched Skin from Retracting Back?

During the natural aging process, the production of the body’s main structural protein (i.e., collagen) decreases, which negatively effects skin elasticity. It is a lack of this protein that prevents the skin from springing back into place.

What Does a Tummy Tuck with Dr. Feledy Near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Entail?

As a board-certified, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Feledy uses the most innovative, clinically advanced methods when performing tummy tuck procedures.

A typical tummy tuck procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery includes:

  • The use of liposuction to remove excess tissue.
  • Repairing and/or tightening of the rectus muscles, which narrows the waist and flattens the patient’s abdominal area.
  • Tightening the abdominal skin by removing any remaining fat and cutting away the unnecessary, overstretched skin.

What is a Panniculectomy?

During a panniculectomy, any excess skin and tissue that falls beneath the waist area, which is frequently referred to as the ‘apron,’ is addressed, however, the rectus muscles are not tightened or repaired.

Sometimes, health insurance will cover a panniculectomy. However, for insurance to cover this procedure, it must be deemed ‘medically necessary.’ Patients can choose to combine a panniculectomy with a mini or full abdominoplasty, but the health insurance will deny coverage for any costs associated with the abdominoplasty portion of the surgery (e.g., tightening the abdominal muscles, etc.).

Who Should Consider Having an Abdominoplasty Near Fredericksburg, Virginia?

A tummy tuck is ideal for an individual who is close to his or her recommended weight and has remained at this weight for several months. He or she must want to have the excess skin and tissue in the abdominal area removed. A woman interested in an abdominoplasty must have completed her family.

He or she must avoid excessive alcohol consumption, the use of nicotine-containing products and/or participating in any type of recreational drug use.

A Consultation for an Abdominoplasty Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

At the initial consultation, patients need to bring their completed registration forms with them. These registration forms can be found here. After Dr. Feledy reviews the registration information, he examines the patient’s abdominal area.

An abdominal examination with Dr. Feledy, what to expect:

Three components of the patient’s abdominal area are evaluated, the muscles, fat and skin. During an abdominoplasty, Dr. Feledy addresses each of these three components, in addition, when necessary, he can address an umbilical hernia during the same surgical session.

The patient’s skin elasticity determines whether it will retract after the fat and tissue is removed. Patients who have good skin tone may only need to have a liposuction procedure. Whereas, for patients who have stretch marks, a significant amount of hanging skin and/or skin that lacks elasticity, an abdominoplasty may be their only solution.

Patients are encouraged to ask questions, Dr. Feledy believes that patients feel less anxious about their upcoming procedure when they familiarize themselves with the various aspects of their surgery.

Preparing for a Tummy Tuck Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Prior to an abdominoplasty or a mini abdominoplasty, Dr. Feledy may ask that the patient has lab tests and/or request that the patient’s general practitioner clear him or her for surgery. Since the safety of his patients is the most important factor, if the lab results or clearance is not received prior to the patient’s scheduled procedure, Dr. Feledy will reschedule the tummy tuck after he receives the necessary information.

Many times, Dr. Feledy orders the prescription medications for his patients (to take during recovery) before they have their tummy tuck. If this is the case, patients are encouraged to pick this medication up before their procedure. Ideally, no later than the night before. Dr. Feledy orders these medications ahead of time to ensure that his patients are as comfortable as possible during recovery.

Dr. Jules Feledy’s Fredericksburg, Virginia, tummy Tuck patients need to take from three to six weeks off school/work. Asking for the six weeks is usually recommended because it is easier to return sooner than it is to ask for more time.

During a tummy tuck, patients receive general anesthesia. After having this type of anesthesia, patients cannot drive, therefore, patients need someone that they trust to bring them to and drive them home from the surgery center so they can have their abdominoplasty. To ensure the patient has a ride home, drivers must remain at the surgery center throughout the tummy tuck procedure.

Dr. Feledy and his staff care deeply for their patients, which is why a policy preventing patients from using public transportation or any other transportation service following procedures requiring sedation and/or anesthesia has been implemented. Safety is always the most important factor at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

In addition, patients need someone to assist them during the early stage of recovery. For example, patients will need someone to drive them around for several weeks. Having a plan can relieve a substantial amount of stress. While some patients choose to use ride-for-hire services, others ask a close friend or a family member to assist them with this task. It is essential that patients follow these restrictions otherwise, he or she may experience complications.

Following an abdominoplasty, patients are placed on a restricted diet. Initially, they will only be eating soft foods, as such, it is essential that these kinds of foods are available directly following surgery.

Tummy Tuck Procedures at Dr. Feledy’s Surgery Center Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

Dr. Feledy performs his abdominoplasties as outpatient procedures. Mini abdominoplasty procedures usually take two to three hours, whereas, a full abdominoplasty can take up to four hours. If multiple procedures are being performed during the same surgical session, patients should expect their surgery to take longer.

Just before the mini or full abdominoplasty procedure begins, the patient receives medications designed to place him or her into a deep sleep. This ensures that the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure.

A full abdominoplasty:

During this procedure, Dr. Feledy creates two horizontal incisions across the lower section of the abdomen, from one hip to the other. Due to the location of these incisions, the resulting scars remain well hidden beneath the patient’s clothing, including his or her swimsuit. While these two incisions usually suffice, there are times when Dr. Feledy needs to create another incision that runs to the center of the abdomen (vertically). Dr. Feledy will discuss this possibility with his patient prior to the procedure.

During a full tummy tuck, the navel must be released from the tissue and skin surrounding it. To accomplish this, an incision is made around the belly button. This release of the navel provides Dr. Feledy with the ability to easily maneuver the tissue and skin of the abdomen. If necessary, a new, natural-looking belly button can be created.

The excess skin between the horizontal incisions is lifted or removed. The rectus muscles are realigned or repaired. Incisions are closed with sutures and dressed.
To provide support and reduce inflammation, a compression garment is placed around the patient’s abdominal area.

A mini abdominoplasty near Fredericksburg, Virginia:

An incision is created within the crease directly above the patient’s pubic bone. The incision used for a mini tummy tuck is quite a bit shorter than those used during a full abdominoplasty. Even though this procedure concentrates on the lower stomach, the rectus muscles can still be addressed.
After removing the excess skin and tissue, and addressing the rectus muscles, sutures are used for closing the incisions, the dressing is applied and then a compression garment is placed around the patient’s abdomen.

Liposuction may be used during a mini or a full abdominoplasty procedure.

Recovering from an Abdominoplasty

Each patient receives instructions prior to leaving Belmont Plastic Surgery. While walking around should be part of the recovery process, and needs to begin relatively soon following the tummy tuck, a patient must limit his or her physical activity for a few weeks.

Initially, patients must remain slightly bent forward (even while walking). This position needs to be held for approximately two weeks. Following this instruction is very important because it helps reduce the amount of tension being placed on the abdominal incisions.

Placing a pillow beneath the knees and under the head tends to be the most comfortable sleeping position during this first stage of recovery.

Compression garments are worn for a few weeks. After patients reach the point where the compression garment is no longer necessary, they can usually return to their regular daily activities, without restrictions.

It can take up to six weeks for a patient to fully recover.

Results of a Tummy Tuck

Once the inflammation subsides, which usually takes about three months, the results of the patient’s abdominoplasty procedure are realized.

As with any procedure, there are risks and potential complications. Dr. Feledy discusses these in depth with the patient during his or her initial consultation.

Will Insurance Cover My Tummy Tuck?

Unless you are having a panniculectomy that is deemed medically necessary, you will be responsible for your procedure. However, there are financing options available at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jules Feledy is an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who has been helping people attain the physical characteristics and facial features they desire for more than 15 years.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, contact Belmont Plastic Surgery at 301-654-5666 to schedule an initial consultation. The surgery center’s address is 5530 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 818, Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Fredericksburg, Virginia.