Breast Cancer Survivors

This month has been National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the focal point of which is increasing awareness about breast cancer. Why focus on awareness? The simple reason is that the best way to beat it is to catch it in the earliest stages or through timely checkups and mammograms. But Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also about celebrating the women who have beat breast cancer and reclaimed their lives and themselves.

For these brave women who have undergone a mastectomy, often the next step to take is breast reconstruction.

The 16th of October was Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day). While chemotherapy and other forms of treatment very frequently accompany an individual’s battle against breast cancer, the near-universal component is a mastectomy (either single or double). One unfortunate consequence of which is leaving women both physically and emotionally scarred after the procedure.

A Difficult Process: Weighing Your Options After a Mastectomy

While there are multiple alternatives to breast reconstruction out there – including special-made bras, and even a proud tradition of chest tattooing – breast reconstruction is the most literal way for a breast cancer survivor to regain her feminine figure.

Breast reconstruction helps women accomplish this through a variety of sophisticated techniques. To read a breast reconstruction FAQ with Dr. Feledy and learn more about the types of breast reconstruction procedures he performs in the Washington DC area – including DIEP flap reconstruction,lat flap reconstruction, and TRAM flap reconstruction – click the button below.

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