Liposuction in Bethesda, MD

For over 30 years, plastic surgeons have been using traditional liposuction procedures to remove fat deposits for both men and women. The traditional procedure is frequently referred to as a suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL), a tumescent liposuction or a lipoplasty. Due to advancements in this industry, there are several different techniques available and Dr. Jules Feledy performs traditional liposuction procedures as well as three other techniques at his surgery center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Bethesda.

Liposuction Can Provide Individuals In and Around Bethesda, Maryland, with the Contours They Desire

While these procedures should never be considered a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle through a sensible diet and a daily workout routine, it can serve as a means for people to eliminate the fat in areas of the body that are resistant to exercise. With a liposuction procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Bethesda, Dr. Jules Feledy can eliminate excess fat in targeted areas as well as use his artistic vision and skill to sculpt various parts of the patient’s body, creating the contours that he or she desires.

Which Liposuction Procedures Are Available at Belmont Plastic Surgery Near Bethesda, Maryland?

Dr. Feledy offers his patients three different liposuction procedures at his surgery center in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

The three procedures available at Belmont Plastic Surgery are:

1. The suction-assisted lipectomy

– Although a traditional SAL procedure cannot change an individual’s fundamental physical dimensions, it can be used to remove subcutaneous fat to greatly improve a patient’s body shape.

2. The MicroAire Liposuction procedure using the innovative PAL® LipoSculptor™

– During this procedure, Dr. Jules Feledy uses a power-assisted liposuction device that is specially-designed to replace the traditional wand (i.e., cannula) that are used for fat removal. These power-assisted wands allow Dr. Feledy to remove the excess fat quicker.

3. The VASERlipo™ Method, which is also referred to as the LipoSelection® Method

– This revolutionary procedure allows Dr. Feledy to target fat without causing any damage to surrounding tissues. In addition, using this method, the visibility of cellulite can be reduced. While performing this procedure, Dr. Jules Feledy uses a targeted, precise approach to provide his patients with exceptionally smooth VASERlipo™ results. This procedure uses ultrasound waves to liquefy the excess fat that is going to be removed via suction. As the fat starts to dissolve, Dr. Jules Feledy uses a cannula to gently suction out the fat that has dissolved. This liposuction option is less aggressive than the other three types of procedures available at Belmont Plastic Surgery. In addition to being less aggressive, recovery time following a VASERlipo™ procedure is shorter.

Issues That Can Be Addressed with a Bethesda, Maryland, Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Feledy uses liposuction procedures to target specific areas of the body and remove the excess fat that his patients are having difficulty addressing, even though they are living a healthy lifestyle.

Problem areas that can be addressed with a suction-assisted lipectomy include the:

  • Neck.
  • Hips.
  • Upper arms.
  • Abdominal area.
  • Double chin.
  • Thighs.

Areas Dr. Feledy addresses using the MicroAire Liposuction procedure with the innovative PAL® LipoSculptor™ include more sensitive areas of the body that are more difficult to sculpt, such as the:

  • Back.
  • Neck.
  • Inner thighs.
  • Area around the navel.
  • Male chest.

The VASERlipo™, LipoSelection® Method can be used to treat the:

  • Neck.
  • Face.
  • Chin.
  • Upper arms.
  • Breasts and chest.
  • Outer thighs.
  • Inner thighs.
  • Abdominal area.
  • Lower back.
  • Flanks.
  • ‘Bra fat.’
  • Area behind the knees.
  • Buttocks.

Who Are Good Candidates for These Procedures?

Individuals who are close to their recommended body weight but have areas of resistant fat that need to be addressed may be good candidates for a liposuction procedure with Dr. Feledy at his surgery center near Bethesda, Maryland.

A Consultation with Dr. Feledy at His Plastic Surgery Center Near Bethesda, Maryland

Prior to having any procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery, patients need to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Feledy at his surgery center. To schedule an initial consultation, patients can call the office at 301-654-5666 or they can use the online contact form.

During this initial consultation, Dr. Feledy determines which of the liposuction methods will provide the patient with the aesthetic results he or she desires. Patients need to bring their registration forms with them to their initial consultation. These forms can be found on the Patient Information page, which is located beneath the ‘Our Practice’ heading. Patients need to download these forms and then print them out so they can be completed before their consultation with Dr. Feledy at his surgery center near Bethesda, Maryland. Completing the registration forms before the initial consultation will shorten the amount of time spent in the office.

Patients are encouraged ask questions and to be candid about what they would like Dr. Feledy to address during their procedure. Unless he knows what the patient wants to accomplish, Dr. Jules Feledy cannot provide the desired results.

Since many of the other procedures available at Belmont Plastic Surgery can be performed in conjunction with a Bethesda, Maryland, liposuction procedure, patients should inform Dr. Feledy if there are any other treatments or procedures that they are considering, or if there are other areas of their body that they would like addressed.

During these procedures, the patient receives anesthesia, therefore, he or she needs to bring a driver to the surgery center on the day of the procedure.

Patients who have procedures that require sedation, twilight or general anesthesia cannot use public transportation or ride-for-hire services following these procedures. Dr. Feledy created this policy to protect his patients because they will be groggy following these kinds of procedures, which could make them more vulnerable to harm.

Belmont Plastic Surgery Center’s Liposuction Procedure Steps with Dr. Jules Feledy

All three of the liposuction procedures available at Dr. Feledy’s surgery center are performed as outpatient procedures, which means that several hours after these procedures, patients are permitted to return home and begin the recovery process.

These procedures can last up to five hours. Patients who choose to have multiple procedures during the same surgical session will remain in the surgical area longer than those who do not.

Since the patient receives general anesthesia, he or she will sleep during the procedure. At Belmont Plastic Surgery, an experienced anesthesiologist administers these medications to the patient and then the anesthesiologist remains in the surgical suite to monitor the patient throughout his or her procedure.

A Liposuction Procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery Near Bethesda, Maryland

Patients need to arrive at the surgery center 15 minutes before their appointment time. They must have their driver present upon arrival.

1. The patient will be taken back to the pre-op area.
2. Dr. Jules Feledy will come in to see the patient and mark areas of the patient’s body that are being addressed during the liposuction procedure. He uses these markings as a guide during surgery. Dr. Feledy encourages patients to ask any last-minute questions at this time.
3. The patient is transported to the surgical suite.
4. The anesthesia is administered by the anesthesiologist and the patient drifts off to sleep. After the patient falls asleep, the liposuction procedure begins.

The Steps Listed Above Are the Same for All Three Techniques and The Procedure Steps Listed Below Are a Continuation that is Based Specifically on the Liposuction Technique Dr. Feledy is Performing

An SAL Procedure:

5. Dr. Feledy creates small incisions next to the areas of the body where he is removing the fat.
6. He injects the saline solution into these areas. This solution consists of a variety of medications that are designed to numb the area, dissolve the fat and shrink the blood vessels. Reducing the blood vessels reduces the amount of blood a patient loses during surgery.
7. The cannula wand, which is attached to a specially designed machine that suctions out the fat, is inserted through one of the small incisions.
8. After removing the excess fat, Dr. Feledy closes the incisions with sutures.
9. A gauze dressing is placed over the incisions and the patient receives a compression garment. This garment is placed over the areas that Dr. Feledy treated.

MicroAire’s PAL® LipoSculptor™ Procedure:

5. Small incisions are created in the target areas.
6. The wand is inserted. The wand used with this liposuction technique offers a reciprocating motion, instead of a rotating one. This power-assisted liposuction method uses a motorized cannula to remove the excess fat, thus, making the removal process much faster than is seen with its traditional counterpart. In addition, Dr. Jules Feledy’s ability to make small, precise motions with the PAL cannula allows him to sculpt the patient’s body, thus, providing the patient with beautiful, natural-looking contours.
7. Once the excess fat is removed and the sculpting process is complete, Dr. Feledy will use sutures to close the tiny incisions he created and then place gauze dressing over the incisions.
8. The compression garment is placed.

The VASERlipo™ Procedure:

5. Extremely small incisions in targeted areas are created.
6. A thin probe that emits ultrasonic waves to liquefy the fat is inserted through one of these incisions.
7. Once the fat is liquefied, Dr. Feledy removes the probe and inserts the wand.
8. He gently moves the wand around, removing the liquefied fat via suction.
9. Dr. Feledy closes the incisions with stitches and places gauze dressing over each of the incisions and a compression garment is applied.


Regardless as to the method Dr. Feledy uses, the patient receives a compression garment. This garment is worn over the areas that were treated (e.g., outer thighs, abdomen, upper arms, etc.). The patient must wear this garment for at least two weeks, but up to four. This garment helps to reduce swelling and assists the body with maintaining its new, slimmer shape. Patients must wear this garment continuously (except while showering). Disregarding this recommendation can negatively affect the final results of the liposuction procedure.

Swelling, bruising and/or skin rippling are common after these kinds of procedures. Symptoms typically improve within a few weeks and most patients can return to their everyday activities about a week after their procedure.

Patients should not perform strenuous activities until they are released to do so.

The incisions that are created during a liposuction procedure are very small, therefore, any resulting scars will be inconspicuous.


On average, patients can see results about three months after their procedure. However, since larger amounts of fat can be removed using the VASERlipo™ Procedure, some of the patients who have this procedure will see immediate results.


Every technique has risks, however, with liposuction, it is the patient’s final result that is usually affected. Communication is the key to attaining the look the patient desires, therefore, Dr. Feledy encourages patients to be candid with him and ask questions during their appointments.

Potential risks:

  • Poor wound healing.
  • Infection.
  • Bleeding.

Some of the rare side effects associated with these procedures include:

  • Blood clots.
  • Visible scarring.
  • Pain.
  • Lidocaine toxicity.
  • Contouring irregularities.
  • Nerve damage.

Patients can reduce their likelihood of experiencing these side effects by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience with liposuction to perform their procedure.

Reasons People Choose Dr. Jules Feledy to Perform Their Procedures

Dr. Jules Feledy has been performing these procedures for years. He prides himself on using his artistic vision and skill to create the beautiful, natural-looking body contours that his patients desire.

How Much Does a Liposuction Procedure Near Bethesda, Maryland, Cost?

To find out how much your procedure will cost, you need to schedule an appointment at Belmont Plastic Surgery. After Dr. Jules Feledy evaluates you and knows what you would like to accomplish, he can determine how much your procedure will cost.

What About Health Insurance; Will They Cover My Procedure?

Unfortunately, these procedures are considered to be a cosmetic, therefore, your health insurance will not cover these procedures.

At Belmont, Patients Can Apply for CareCredit and/or ALPHAEON CREDIT

In an effort to help his patients attain the physique they desire, Dr. Feledy offers patients the opportunity to apply for CareCredit and/or ALPHAEON CREDIT. These programs allow patients to go ahead and have their procedures and pay on them over time.

At Belmont Plastic Surgery, Dr. Feledy and his staff are dedicated to providing the men and women residing in and around Bethesda, Maryland, with the safest, most technologically advanced plastic surgery procedures available. In addition, the Belmont team of medical professionals work together to ensure each patient experiences the most comfortable, uneventful recovery possible, resulting in optimal liposuction results. To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jules Feledy, call 301-654-5666. The address for Belmont Plastic Surgery is 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Ste #818, Chevy Chase, Maryland.